Romeo and Juliet Auditions

Romeo and Juliet audition pieces.

FHODS will be performing William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy and one of the best-known love stories of all time ‘Romeo and Juliet’. We have so many interesting ideas to reinvent this wonderful play and bring it to life for modern audiences.

Performance dates: 6th-9th May, 2020

Auditions: 8th December, 2019 from 12pm

For further information please contact Jax on

Gaslight Auditions

FHODS will be performing Patrick Hamilton’s Victorian thriller ‘Gaslight’ this November and audition details are now available.

Jack Manningham is slowly, deliberately driving his wife, Bella, insane. He has almost succeeded when help arrives in the form of a former detective, Rough who reveals to Bella the shocking truth behind her husband. The action all takes place in one evening in the living room of the Manningham’s home.

This is the play that the 1944 film with Ingrid Bergman and Angela Lansbury was based on and this gripping Victorian thriller promises to be an engaging and thought-provoking production for all involved.

  • Show Dates: 6th-9th November 2019
  • Get Together: Tuesday 23rd July 2019 at 7:30pm
  • Auditions: Sunday 28th July 2019 at 2pm

The 5 characters are listed below. Although there are suggested ages for the characters, these are relatively flexible.

Mrs Bella Manningham – a woman in her mid-thirties and is married to Jack Manningham, described as having a frightened air.

Mr Jack Manningham – man in his mid-forties, described as suave and authoritative with a touch of mystery and bitterness.

Rough – a retired police inspector, he is a brusque, overbearing, but a friendly man who dominates the scene.

Nancy – the Manningham’s maid, she is 19, pretty and cheeky.

Elizabeth – the housekeeper, she is in her fifties and is an amiable woman who is loyal to her employers.

If you want any more information or have any questions, please contact Natalie Holness on or Alice Hawkins on